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Well, that didn't turn out well. We're not where I expected to be at this point. Not at all. And you were right, it was all about Ben, regretfully. Defense played great. Offense just isn't clicking, Ben's not sharp (compared to Rivers), not making the right decisions, sigh.

chipped hamster

Yeah well, I'm rilly pissed. I put all these here Stiller posters 'n shit all over my basement and this what I get! My Iggles-fan buddy is busting my chops 'specially after the Iggles beat T.O. At least he could be proud of wearing his McNabb Jersey. I got a Roethlisberger Jersey and I even goaded my wife into a fistfight until she punched me in the face and broke my nose, so I'd look like Ben. And this is what I get!

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