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We'll have to see what happens. Sometimes the most dysfunctional of teams seem to perform well...remember a couple of Yankees teams like this.


Other thing, for the seasoned manager--which we hope Cowher is--there's always opportunity in these threats. Here's a chance to make his mark, to show what he's made of, to turn Hines to what he needs him to be. Momens like these can be turning points...good or's up to the guy in charge.


Sports Illustrated? Sports Illustrated? The only things Sports Illustrated is good for is stirring up trouble, spreading discontent and wrecking careers. Look what they did to John Rocker! For a stinking stupid comment he made! So Hines says something stupid. We all say stupid things. Some more than others. I fricking hate the press! They suck!

This is a late comment so you might have already heard of this by now but Hines said that he was talking about his feelings before he signed the contract extension last year. So everything's fine with him and Cowher.
Even if things weren't right with him and Cowher, I don't see how you can blame him. Hines is probably the most underrated wide receiver in the NFL and the money situation should have never gotten to the point that it did. The fact that Cowher didn't talk to Ward before the contract extensions speaks more about Cowher's coaching deficiencies than Ward. For instance Cowher's brilliant choices of Edwards, Burress, and now probably, Holmes.

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